A Success Additive to be More Productive & Humane

Imagine you’re at an industry event and the following conversation occurs between you, and a friendly industry peer / competitor: 

Competitor: “Hey [your name], how are things.?

You: “Oh good [competitor’s name]. We just rolled out a new logo, have you seen it?”

Competitor: “No, I haven’t. Why did you do that?”

You: “We want to increase our branding”

Competitor: “Will a new logo accomplish that?”

You: “You bet it will, we invested a lot of time and money into our new logo.”

Competitor: “Wow! I bet it was fun. But, did you read about logos in HBR?

You: “Umm… no… what’s HBR?”

Competitor: “The Harvard Business Review… a website with tons of quick tips making daily actins more effective across topics we use everyday in our career / company. I look at it weekly and it’s given me a lot of ideas, which have led to clarity, positive influence, getting on course, making progress, and feeling accomplished!  Plus, we’ve had better sales and happier customers month over month for the past 18 months.”

Element: Strategy

A Success Additive to be More Productive & Humane​ (free)


A Success Additive to be More Productive & Humane​ (free)

I’ve experience similar results in my career and business ventures by reading the Harvard Business Review, too. This free (and paid) online resource is full of useful time-tested findings to support career, company, or cause.  

If you believe in more effective daily actions, then check out the Harvard Business Review, today!

(I receive zero compensation for HBR referrals. Click the HBR link above to check out this super-useful reserouce)

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