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Hi, I'm Tom

About Tom Wachowski

…a mid-40s dad with 3 kids, a career, colorful calendars, and continuous task lists. I need to make daily actions more effective, without taking tons of time.

(I bet you can relate.)

I have discovered 5 Elements that help me: Mindset, People, Strategy, Action, & Outcomes.

These 5 Elements are not arbitrary, generic, or opinion-based. Rather, they are built from my growing 25-year collection of useful, time-tested findings by the best of humanity, simplified on My Effective Map.

Each of the 5 Elements has individual Factors that can be applied right away for more effective actions.

(Wouldn’t that feel better?)

Some Specific Factors That Have Helped Me

Avoid Overwhelm (in Mindset), Misunderstanding (in People), & Distraction (in Action) ...just 3 examples

My Effective Map

For example, there are times I use the”Meaning Cheat Sheet” inside the Mindset Element to move my youngest from kitchen cleaning overwhelm to clarity, a renewed spirit, and a cleaner kitchen!

About Tom Wachowski

And, there are times I use “Oak Tree Maturity” inside of the People Element to avoid misunderstanding my partner or employee teammate and instead move towards connection and a stronger partnership so working together is more useful, productive, and fulfilling!

About Tom Wachowski

And, there are times I use “Clock & Calendar Fitness” inside the Action Element to prioritize the urgent / important parts of a day or task and move what matters across the finish line without tons of stress!

Here's the Whole Map

5 Elements: Mindset, People, Strategy, Action, & Outcomes (and 15 Factors Inside)

About Tom Wachowski

For my Heart, Mind, Mission, & Time Left Alive!

And Often, Just One is All That's Needed

Using just 1 Element from My Effective Map, could be the quick, simple change needed to go from overthinking, misunderstanding, ambiguity, distraction or disappointment, or burnout…and instead, help achieve:

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