Link to 7 Questions Videos

Every generation produces a few genius thinkers whose contributions add massive clarity (value) to society. Jim Collins is one of those thinkers. Here’s what makes him different… his work is based on real-world data packaged in useful analogies. When you watch the 7 short videos in the link below, you’ll walk away with clarity that empowers you to reach your goal(s) better and faster. For example…

One of my favorite “differentiators” he describes in one video delineates the edge between people following a leader or following a cause. See the difference there? All the academics, thought leaders, and texts teach “following a leader.” But Jim’s real-world research reveals that a more effective path for people is following a cause.

Grab a pen, paper, and prepare to leapfrog your ability to lead, serve, and profit!

LINK to Jim Collin’s 7 Videos