Create Positive Influence with People

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This audio shares a useful finding that I found helpful with the Element of People and the Oak Tree Maturity Factor.

It’s called Social Emotional Learning (SEL). It helps people move from misunderstanding to connection, positive influence, and stronger partnerships.

Social Emotional Learning is comprised of five competencies:

1) Self Awareness

2) Self Management

3) Social Awareness,

4) Relationship Skills

5) Responsible Decision Making

Element: People

Create Positive Influence Fast with People (free - audio)

SEL was designed to teach kids relationship skills. But, I’ve found that social emotional learning lessons apply all people, regardless of age. If we thought of the five SEL competencies as rings on our Oak Tree of Maturity, we could all use growth here, especially when we find ourselves in a stressful state.

This makes us better humans for other humans in heart, mind, mission, and time left alive.

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Useful Resources

CASEL Wheel (of 5 SEL Competencies)

Beginners Guide to Social Emotional Learning for Adults 

50+ Social Emotional Learning Activities for All Ages

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