Do NOT Follow Your Passion…

If you’ve ever watched Deadliest Catch or Dirty Jobs, you know the now-famous and well-recognized narration of Mike Rowe.

Despite his “everyman” persona, Mike Rowe packs an advice punch in this NPR interview.

In short he says…

Don’t follow your passion… Bring your passion with you.

At first listen, this wisdom might leave behind a bad taste. But, Mike supports his perspective with real-world experience on the front lines of hard work, execution, and results.

Play Mike Rowe’s NPR interview and you’ll position yourself to Lead Better, Serve Greater, and Profit Bigger!

NOTE:  The link leads to the NPR page holding an interview and TED talk.  Play the interview labeled “Listen To The Story” to hear Mike’s powerful career advice (his TED talk is also located at the above link).

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