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Whether we’re more effective is not some fixed ability. Rather, it’s a decision to purposefully engage and profoundly affects the way we lead life and the results we get. What decisions are required sustain an effective mindset, in ourselves and our people? Let’s uncover and clarify them here. 

Improve mindset, improve effectiveness.

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Nothing is more effective than having the right people around. What DNA do we look for to find people that are self-managing, march for the cause, and are hungry to improve and win? Let’s uncover and clarify them here.  

Improve people, improve effectiveness.

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What are the basic methodologies that can be applied to attain an outcome (mission)? Let’s uncover and clarify them here.

Improve strategy, improve effectiveness.

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Action is the discipline surrounding completing steps, following through, and ensuring accountability. What are the force-multipliers of action? Let’s uncover them here. 

Improve action, improve effectiveness.