How to Be More Effective

Elements, Truth, & Shifts


“This is a football.” That’s how the iconic and effective football coach Vince Lombardi started each new season with his football team: focusing on fundamental elements of the game to make actions more effective, which lead to winning championships.

Question:  What’s different for you?

Answer:  Other than the playing field, nothing is different.

The same 5 Fundamental Elements of mindset, people, strategy, action, and outcomes applied on your own playing field, make daily actions more effective, with everyone and everything, every day.

Here you’ll discover the 5 elements and 15 factors that correlate to winning our personal championships so…


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What's makes daily actions more effective?

It’s not a great team, solid plan, or action. Although, these are necessary. Yet, everyone focuses on these overweighted ideas and gets tricked into bypassing the 5 Elements and 15 Factors actually responsible for a great team, solid plan, and execution that makes daily actions more effective. Not truly understanding why daily actions are effective is means being overweight in luck.

Here are 3 examples:

We messed up the “Meaning Cheat Sheet” factor and were LESS effective, everyday. (ineffective meaning = ineffective judgement calls)


We ignored the criticality of the “Judgement” factor and were LESS effective, everyday. (ineffective judgment calls = low performance)


We forgot the “Success Additives” factor and were LESS effective, everyday. (diminished performance = poor outcomes) 


The truth is:

When our results and outcomes are off, our beliefs are off, for the conditions. Why?

Often, the badges of honor we carry get in our way. “I’m too busy, important, smart.” Or, “It can’t be so simple, I’m smarter and don’t need (insert defensive excuse).”

What badges of honor are limiting your effectiveness?

Do you think people can see through these badges of honor?  Perhaps our spouse, family, peers, customers, boss, or board of directors?

The good news is that applying slight shifts with the 5 Elements and 15 Factors builds new, more effective beliefs, no mater the challenges.

Luck, stuck, blame… those are replaced with more effective mindsets, people, strategy, actions, and outcomes!

Slight shifts are all that's needed

Just one or two of the 5 Elements and 15 Factors can be the slight shift to making daily actions more effective, without taking tons of time.

To win more personal championships, without taking tons of time

If you remember what ineffective daily actions are like. If you resonated with the examples above, and want different outcomes. If being more effective in your daily actions is important to you. Then…

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