“This is a football.” That’s how the iconic and effective football coach Vince Lombardi started each new season with his football team: focusing on fundamentals of the game to make actions more effective, which lead to winning championships.

Question:  What’s different for you?

Answer:  Other than the playing field, nothing is different.

The same fundamentals of mindset, people, strategy, and action, applied on your own playing field, make daily actions more effective, with everyone and everything, every day.

Lead Serve Profit delivers the “how-to” underneath these fundamentals so your daily actions are more effective.

This means:

  • Mindsets (yours and others’) energize, or not.
  • People (including family/friends) follow you, or not.
  • Strategy (at work & at home) will work, or not.
  • Actions will achieve wanted outcomes, or not.
  • Things will be world-class, or not.
  • Useful value will be created, or not.

What’s just one way to make daily actions more effective?

(Here’s a sneak peak into Lead Serve Profit’s how-to teachings) 
It’s not a great team, solid plan, or action. Although, those factors are necessary. But, everyone focuses on those factors alone, and gets tricked into bypassing the fundamentals responsible for those factors functioning together to make daily actions more effective.

 The main factor responsible for moving the effective needle in the right direction was the set of beliefs we decided on, that appeared correct,  were really INcorrect, thus fooling our judgement, and tricking us into thinking “good job.”

It may have looked something like this:

  • We were LESS effective, everyday (ineffective meaning = ineffective judgement calls)
  • People, Mindset, Strategy, and Actions fumbled (ineffective judgment calls = low performance)
  • Leading, Serving, & Profiting below expectations (low performance = poor outcomes)

In its worst form, you’ll see blame assigned to easy targets like time, money, people, markets, regulations (isn’t it amazing what we’ll invent here).

The truth is, when our results and outcomes are off, our beliefs are off, for the conditions.

Read that last sentence again… then ask yourself: Do I truly intend to make my daily actions more effective so:

  • Mindsets energize!
  • People follow!
  • Strategy works!
  • Daily actions achieve!
  • Things are World-Class!
  • Useful value is created!



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