The 3 Leadership Tenants That Add Value & Achieve Results

Why is one career or company boring (and possibly going broke) while another is super exciting (and likely making money)?

Why are some people at work poison while others promote everyone and everything successfully?

What causes discouragment some work days, despite doing everything right; yet, during other work days you are in  control, confident, and competent (and you get things done)?

What dictates the difference?

What SPECIFICALLY distinguishes boring from exciting, poisonous from promoting people, or discouragement from getting things done?

The difference resides in the leadership beliefs, behaviors, and value building-blocks inside you, me, all of us.

Now, I can’t tell you what to believe or how to behave. But, I can share the beliefs and behaviors responsible for catapulting careers and companies forward faster, no matter where we work, no matter our position or company size, no matter what industry we earn a living in.


#1 LEADERSHIP BELIEF:  It’s not about you. It’s about them.

This may/may not be a radical realization. But, it’s totally true.

The minute we put other peoples’ needs, desires, and goals ahead of ours is the minute our influence, impact, and income turns up. It’s not about us. It’s about them. At work and at home.

Here’s a career example.

Some years ago, my supervisor was handed a project; rewrite our team’s emergency response plan to align with the company’s new standardized format. He needed this done, yesterday. He also had more important fires to extinguish. Finally, formatting documents didn’t align with any of his personal or [Read more…]