“This is a football.” That’s how one of THE A-Players of our time, coach Vince Lombardi, started each new season with his football team. He understood that winning starts with The Fundamentals like A-Players, who unapologetically pursue World Class, and who are infused with a Belief in Value. BIG championships were won by focusing on core fundamentals.


In life and business, learning and applying  the fundamentals to mindset, people, strategy, and action is the champion difference between being an A-Player or B-player, World Class or same old standard and, Believing in Value or believing you’re owed something… in all of our relationships and every one of our endeavors (work/business, home, family, fun).  


This means:


  • Mindsets (yours and others’) energize, or not.
  • People (including family/friends) follow you, or not.
  • Strategy (at work & at home) will work, or not.
  • Actions will achieve wanted outcomes, or not.
  • Things will be world-class, or not.
  • Useful value will be created, or not.


What’s the differentiator?


Here’s a sneak peak into Lead Serve Profit’s how-to teachings.  The differentiator is not a great team, solid plan, or action. Although, those factors are necessary. But, everyone focuses on those factors alone, and gets tricked into bypassing the fundamentals responsible for those factors functioning together, in a world-class fashion, to create the useful value that leads to achieving the specific outcome we’re seeking so we meet wants and needs.  


In my twenty plus years across six businesses, from 50 people to Fortune 50 size, I discovered that The fundamental differentiator responsible for moving the needle in the right direction was the set of beliefs someone decided on, that appears correct, but ultimately tricks our judgement, and fools us into thinking “good job.”  


When the trick happened (and it happened every day) People, Strategy, Actions, and Operations struggled. A-Player performance, World-Class, and Value remained out of reach. And almost every time, we thought we did everything right.


When we get tricked like this, we follow conventional thinking. This leads to conventional (low, mediocre) outcomes and value. Then, we’re surprised when people don’t follow, strategy doesn’t work, actions don’t generate success, and operations don’t produce. Finally, we assign blame to the people, strategy, market, external factors… I bet you’re familiar with this behavior loop.


The truth is, when something didn’t work, the set of beliefs decided upon was incorrect for the conditions.


Read that last sentence again.  


Isn’t it time to get fundamentals like this one right? YES it is! Because, the fallout from fumbling just the fundamental called beliefs will limit us to B-Player at best… and we won’t even be aware of it (tricked, again).


Isn’t it time to get other fundamentals right, implement them starting today so:


  • Mindsets energizes!
  • People follow!
  • Strategy works!
  • Daily actions achieve!
  • Things are World-Class!
  • Useful value is created!

The A-Player is victorious, achieving World Class, and delivering Value!


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