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Get our specific steps and simple shortcuts delivered in audio format that  form a clarity framework for creating:

  • Profound, Useful Value, without sacrificing too much family time
  • Totally Focused Executionwithout 60 hour workweeks
  • Real Results & Rewardswithout playing politics

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“This is a football.” That’s how Vince Lombardi started each new season with his football team. He started with The Fundamentals. He won lots of championships that way.

Lead Serve Profit LOVES the fundamentals… of people, strategy, execution, operations, VALUE! That’s what we dream about, march to, and attempt to create for you.

Here’s why:  There are ideas, jobs, and overall work to be done everyday in your career, company, and life.  How do you transform these into useful value?

Do you BEGIN with initiatives, goals, projects, spreadsheets, and meetings?  Are these the “Step 1, 2, or 3” to ensuring the desired outcome? Are these the fundamentals to VALUE & RESULTS?

We don’t think so. We’re into the deeper factors responsible for  catapulting you ahead… in your career, in your company, in your industry.  How? we’ll show you.

I’m Tom… a thirty forty-something husband with three kids, a corporate career, and a full calendar.Wachowski_Round_Profile 090515

To balance it all while making a positive impact and having fun… I created Lead Serve Profit.

It’s specific steps and simple shortcuts delivered in audio format that  form a clarity framework for catapulting a career and company ahead by…

…Leading with Profound Value by Creating Clarity to Fuel Action:

  • How to Energize your inner hustle & know-how to execute and emerge victorious!
  • How to Prioritize your calendar around results important in life 1st, tasks 2nd!
  • How to Align people around a purpose that inspires passion & performance!
  • How to Connect teams to a vision, mission, & set of goals everyone buys into!
  • How to Unleash trust & true capabilities within your colleagues and company!

…Serving with Focused Execution by  Propeling “The Cause” Forward:

  • How to Innovate superior ways to produce in-demand products & services!
  • How to Plan strategy and execution to efficiently exploit the right opportunities!
  • How to Control procedures & processes to exceed defined performance goals!
  • How to Improve outcomes continuously to capture all remaining value percentage!
  • How to Persuade, fiducially, prospects, customers, & teams to take massive action!

…Profiting with High-Performance Results that Provide Family, Career, and Company Certainty!

  • How to Focus fanatically on selling useful solutions to the right people at the right moment!
  • How to Mobilize practices to maximize margin and marketshare.  Apple them!
  • How to Adopt proven cost-control tactics that scale savings opportunities!
  • How to Simplify financial strategies that align spend decision making across the business!
  • How to Position your human, intellectual, and physical capital invested for max ROI!

Start Here – Audio Recordings

Lead Serve Profit transforms these topics into useful action items that can catapult your career and company ahead! 3 Steps… Lead Serve Profit. Let’s get started now!

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